Hello! Its me, with a new Blog!

No, your not going crazy!

Yes it’s still me, but with a new blog!

Let me update you on what has happened here.. My last website www.gabrielle-dominique.com was working fine UNTIL I decided to get a new plugin then BAM! I was locked out of my site with a nasty virus. We tried everything to fix it but nothing would work. I was completely locked out!  After a few sad days I came to terms with the frustration and decided to just start fresh! So here we are, at my new blog!!

Its funny how sometimes things look so bad, but as soon as you let the seeming disaster go &  come to peace with it, everything turns around. Now I’m looking at my new blog and excited to share it with you!

Here’s my first outfit post, and as befitting it’s DENIM ;)! I’m wearing my favorite vintage Levis 501 jeans. I have two pairs of vintage Levis, which I swap off ALOT! I’m wearing frayed hems that I did a little DIY on. The legs were so long it made perfect sense to crop them and add that frayed hem look into my wardrobe. I paired them with the most awesome fishnets, and of course  my beloved Converse!

The Converse show has always been a staple in my wardrobe. I love them box fresh and I love them after years of wearing even when the rubber moves away from the canvas! It’s a look that sets a deliberate tone to an outfit, giving an entire ensemble a young modern vibe. There is no other shoe in my opinion that does the same –  well maybe Vans (but lets talk about that another time!)





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