Antibes, a place called home!


Doesn’t this place look super amazing? 

At the moment it’s called home!  This weekend was so sunny  I thought I’d take a stroll with my camera and snap up some pretty spots to share with you guys!

I live in a coastal town in France called Antibes. It’s situated between Cannes and Nice, I’m pretty lucky eh?! Known for the ‘super yacht’ industry,  Antibes gets quite sleepy here  in the winter months, but in the summer  it’s bulging with tourists and activities!  I originally came to France from London to start working on the yachts, but life had other plans and I became a mom instead! So I just ended up staying! It’s been a fairly rocky road  for me here, lots of ups and downs. Living in a different culture has advantages and disadvantages! My time here has been wonderful/stressful/exciting/emotional!!! A true life changing experience! I wouldn’t have changed it ( well maybe some tweak’s here and there!) for anything. I’ve been here for just over 4 years now, and to be honest I’m looking forward to my next adventure! 

Here are some pics taken in my neighborhood in Antibes Old Town over the weekend. One never knows what surprises will be awaiting you when you turn a corner! Antibes is filled with charm and is magically beautiful. On the weekends I  wake to the smell of fresh croissants baked in the boulangerie around the corner. The street below my apartment echoes with sounds of the locals laughing and dining. Wood fired pizza and ‘pichets’ of wine are scoffed at noon, and two hours later most are back in their beds for the traditional Mediterranean nap! The legendary Côte d’Azur beaches are a walk away, with the colour of the sea is just as it’s name- the coast of azure blue.

With warmer weather making its debut today, it won’t be long until we walk down to my local beach for some summery posts!

Stay tuned!




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