Beauty Regime


Beauty is something I never was really into in my youth,  but as I’ve aged and my skin has changed I find its so important for me to stick to a consistent routine for my skin. For the last month I have done this and seen remarkable results! My skin is a combination of dry, and oily around the T-Zone. I tend to have hormonal breakouts around my chin and forehead, but this last month I have seen these dry up and I’m pretty sure its down to the consistency of taking care of my skin! So here’s a breakdown of my routine.

Mincellar water – I always tend to start with this, my go to is Garnier for sensitive skin. It helps take off my all my makeup so easily! When I don’t have this I feel I’m wasting my nice face wash to just take off my makeup, but doesn’t help with my skin! So I make sure I always start with this to prep the face wash.

Face wash – For this I have been enjoying my Liz Earle cleanse and polish cleanser. Once I’ve taken all my makeup off, I apply a pump of this thick and creamy wash all over my face and neck. It’s made with cocoa butter and lavender which is both moisturizing and calming, the perfect combo for my skin! You rinse this with a hot cloth that is also provided with the product. I find the cloth helps to exfoliate while rinsing.

Serum – Once my skin is all clean and dry I opt for a serum. The serum I’ve been using and LOVING is the Estelle & Thild brightening serum. The main reason I love this product is it evens out the skin tone. I have some scaring from my hormonal breakouts on my face, and after a month of usage these scars have 90% lightened. which means it really has worked! Also it smells amazing!

Eye Serum – I do love an undereye serum, and also I’m a big fan of Elemis! Their absolute eye is a super product, and great for everyday use!

Moisturizer – Loving this lightweight daily repair mask from 1A. Ive been using it as a moisturizer, and applying it just before my makeup. It really makes a great prep for foundation! This product is full of antioxidants which helps repair and brighten the skin.

Night Cream – Last but not least my favorite product is the Elemis Night Matrix! At night I stick with the same routine as above, but instead of using my repair mask I go for the Night Matrix. Its a total night repair for every night use. I love going to bed knowing my skin is being rejuvenated and wrinkles are being pumped with all the amazing ingredients. This is a must have if your skin needs a bounce back!


Micellar WaterHere

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Eye Serum – Here

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Night Cream – Here




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