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Xenastore is an ecommerce WordPress theme. This theme depends on an ecommerce plugin called Cart66 to function as an e-commerce portal. This is a free plugin with an option to upgrade to a paid pro version. The theme is feature rich with custom post types, taxonomies, metaboxes, Theme options etc.

After installing the theme you will be prompted to install and activate the required plugins. Plz install and activate them.

How to sell using Xenastore theme?

Step1: Configure Cart66 plugin

Once installed and activated you can configure your Cart66 shop settings. You can refer the PDF manual that is available for the plugin. You will be able to set your Payment gateways, Tax rates, Shipping rates etc that will be applied for your store.

Step2: Add products to the inventory

Inorder to start selling your products, you will have to first list them in the Cart66 inventory. Go to the Cart66 menu and click on the “Products” menu item.

This will open the product listing window of the plugin, you will be able to enter your product details, like Product name, Unique Product ID, Price , other options etc here.

Once the product is listed in the Cart66 database you can start selling it. With Xenastore you will be able to create a product post where you can showcase the product. Give the product post a title and enter the product description in the post editor. Use the product image as the post thumbnails and you can use the Cart66 shortcode to generate the Add to Cart button.

The following video screencast explains the process.

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