Through Rose Tinted Lenses

The not so glamorous life of an ordinary Wednesday! Today was just a normal day full of small errands and a super market shop. But no matter how uneventful my day is, I ALWAYS get ready for it. I mean why dress boring because you know your day is boring? I think putting thought to my daily preparation matters and sets the day off in a positive direction. I tend to anticipate my ‘good’ day in advance by getting ready for it , and then I’m prepared for whatever life throws at me! I never know who I’ll meet or run into, or if I will suddenly find myself in the uncomfortable situation with my toddler having tantrum in the street! 😉

So here’s some pics on my way to and from the Super Market! I live very local to everything so I walk everywhere, normally I bring a rolling trolley ( they call them chariot here) to the maket but today I just used Matty’s stroller. We walked by a kids clothing store giving out balloons , so Matty was super happy with his balloon and lolly pop while walking to the park today. This old French seaside town is full of pretty streets so walking around on a spring like day is a joy!





Fishnet’s & Michael Kors

I’m super happy today ! I’ve spent so much time looking for these oversize fishnets and finally got my hands on them thanks to Miss Pap! Seems like they are sold out EVERYWHERE, and just as I started to give up on the search, I found them! Yay!

I’ve paired them with my favorite Mango ripped denim skirt and a silky soft blouse in powder pink!

The warm springlike weather has prompted me to bring out my gorgeous white Michael Kors tote bag today as well. It’s a wardrobe necessity, not only looking terrific, but tends to be at home with every outfit I have from March to September. This bag of mine can tell you some stories – it has carried toys, baby bottles, bikini and towel, clothes, hats, as well a food for ‘le picnique’ on the beach! I couldn’t imagine my life without this stylish ( workhorse!) companion!

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